Four Benefits of Sports Massages

Four Benefits of Sports Massages

Sports massages have been gaining popularity among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, and it’s not hard to see why. From increased performance to faster recovery times, the benefits of sports massages are numerous and noticeable. These massages are just one of many different types of massages we offer at Core Massage in Las Vegas — continue reading to discover how a professional sports massage can help you!

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Decreased Neurological Excitability

Athletic massages are renowned for their ability to decrease the excitability of the nervous system. This means that your body’s muscles will be able to relax more effectively and quickly following a workout, allowing for a greater range of motion and more consistent performance.

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Increased Mobility

Of course, sports massages are one of the best ways to improve your body’s natural mobility, allowing you to move more freely and with less risk of injury. At Core Massage, our skilled sports massage therapist can target specific areas of your body to help release tension in tight muscles, improve flexibility, and reduce inflammation all at once.

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Increased Sense of Well-Being

Perhaps an underrated benefit of sports massages is that they can help you feel better both mentally and physically. Our sports massage services in Las Vegas can promote the release of endorphins throughout your body, which are hormones that you typically experience during a “runner’s high.” These can give you a positive, energized outlook for the day ahead.

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Decreased Anxiety & Improved Mood

Sports massages can also help you relax, reducing your level of anxiety and boosting your mood. As such, they are a great way to get rid of nerves before a big game or alleviate stress following a tough loss. Not to mention, the relaxing effects of sports massages can help you focus better when it counts the most!

If you want to experience the benefits of a sports massage for yourself, Core Massage in Las Vegas is the place to go. From deep tissue massages to kinesiology treatments, our licensed massage therapist does it all. Contact us today!

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