Scraping / Graston Technique

Scraping/Graston Technique

Do you suffer from chronic pain or tightness? Are you looking for a way to improve your range of motion and flexibility? If so, scraping/Graston massages may be right for you! At Core Massage, our experienced therapists are experts at providing these types of massages and more. Learn more about this unique massage technique below and contact us today to book your massage appointment!

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About the Scraping/Graston Technique

The scraping technique is known by many names including the Graston technique, as well as instrument-assisted soft-tissue massage. Regardless, it is a form of massage that uses a variety of scraping tools to help relieve pain and tension in the muscles. The instruments used in this type of massage are specifically designed to provide a deep, scraping sensation that can help loosen knots and relieve trigger points.

The Benefits of Scraping Massages

A scraping massage can be beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain or tightness. It can also help improve range of motion and flexibility. Contact us today to let us know more about your condition and see if the Graston technique is a good fit for you.

Looking for a scraping or Graston technique massage in Las Vegas? Core Massage has you covered! Our experienced therapists are experts at providing these types of massages, helping you feel your best and find relief from chronic pain and muscle tension. Contact us at Core Massage today and schedule an appointment for a scraping/Graston technique massage!

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