What Types of Athletes Need Sports Massages?

What Types of Athletes Need Sports Massages?

Sports massages are an essential part of any athlete’s training and recovery. But who exactly counts as an athlete, and what type of massage is best for them? In today’s blog, the team at Core Massage has the answers for you. Learn more below, then schedule an appointment with our massage therapist in Las Vegas!

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Who Qualifies as an Athlete?

The term “athlete” is often used to describe professional athletes, such as those in the NFL or NBA, but there are many more people who can benefit from sports massages. Any person who participates in an activity that requires physical exertion, such as running, cycling, swimming, or weightlifting, can be classified as an athlete. This means that even casual gym-goers and weekend warriors can benefit from sports massages, too!

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What Is the Best Type of Massage for an Athlete?

Sports massages come in many forms, but they’re all designed to help athletes recover from workout-related stresses and improve their performance. At Core Massage, we offer the most popular types of massages for athletes, including Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, therapeutic massages, and more. Plus, all of them are performed by our licensed massage therapist, Norma, who boasts more than 15 years of experience.

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Benefits of Sports Massages

Sports massages help athletes to excel at their game, reduce their risk of injury, and recover faster after workouts. Sports massages can also help athletes reduce muscle tension and improve their range of motion. Additionally, they can help to reduce stress and tension, as well as improve sleep quality and energy levels.

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Core Massage — Las Vegas’s Best Sports Massage Therapist

For athletes looking for the best sports massage services in Las Vegas, look no further than Core Massage. Our team is dedicated to providing athletes with high-quality massage therapy that’s tailored to their individual needs. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, prepping for a big competition, or simply looking to relax, we have you covered.

Now that you know all about sports massages and the athletes who can benefit from them, you’re ready to make an appointment at Core Massage. Contact us today and discover what athletes everywhere are raving about!

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